Heavy Vehicle and Truck Licence Training

New Teach Driving School provides a full spectrum of heavy vehicle driver learning options to engage students in valuable driving lessons and assist in obtaining the required skills to graduate for their Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence.

Holding a heavy vehicle truck license is extremely valuable in every aspect and having such an asset could bring far greater opportunities for any individual. No matter what industry you are interested in, freight transport plays a big part of any logistical effort. Upskilling for career opportunities for advancement in the transport industry, starting a transport business or have plans to travel Australia in a motorhome, our courses in truck driving along with hands on driving lessons can cover all aspects to help achieve your goal in becoming licenced. New Teach Driving School has been guiding students in heavy vehicle operation since 1999 and is an approved Registered Training Organization.

We are located in Arundel Queensland less than 20 minutes from Southport and an easy drive from the city of Brisbane. Our comprehensive training facility is world class and offers sophisticated training and assessment for light rigid truck all the way to multi combination truck.

Our fleet of heavy vehicles are strategically equipped with a variety of gearboxes to conveniently provide driving experience all in the one place and help obtain your heavy vehicle truck licence faster. All of our heavy vehicle instructors hold many years of experience in heavy vehicle operation from a related field and aim to cover all aspects to equip you with the knowledge to become a responsible Heavy Vehicle Driver.

How Can a Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence Help

Getting a heavy vehicle truck licence is not for everyone but is worth getting for many different industries. Upskilling is something that takes time to prepare for and acquiring more skills is one of the best things anyone could do to help in career development and advancement. A heavy vehicle truck licence could help your dream of becoming your own boss specializing in car transport Brisbane to Melbourne, assist in career change or career advancement in the transport industry (download a copy of Australian Transport Trends here) or simply allow you to operate a bus that is converted to a motorhome.


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